#11 Young Adult… Starring Charlize Theron

I watched this the other night with a few friends and it wasn’t that great. Now, I was slightly inebriated while doing so, but I could still comprehend the plot. So, here are my thoughts:

It’s one of those movies where you just feel embarrassed for the protagonist THE ENTIRE TIME.

Charlize Theron’s character has no redeeming qualities that I can see. She ghost writes for young adult novels that sound similar to the Gossip Girl series, but with Babysitter’s Club reminiscent covers. Her book series is about to end and the sales of the books are very low, being on the “do not shelf” list at bookstores. She spends the majority of her screen time downing alcohol and Diet Coke. The only part in which I laughed out loud was when she woke up and placed a two-liter of the stuff to her mouth, and that was only because I do the same exact thing quite a lot (minus the alcohol).

In summation, Charlize Theron’s character is a recently divorce YA writer and alcoholic who is so incredibly full of herself and lost in her own fictional teenage plot lines that she believes she can get back her old high school flame, even though he is married and has just had his first child with his wonderful (very unarchaetypal) wife. Her parents look down on her, her old friends look down on her, and strangers look down on her. She tries every skeezy trick in the book to steal this man from his marriage and child because she believes that real life is supposed to mimic juvenile romance novels. In the end, she confesses her “love” to the married man in front of everyone at his newborn’s naming ceremony, then sleeps with a man from high school whom she has always bullied and then suddenly everything is fine. She realizes, out of the blue, that she needs to grow up and stop being selfish and that she can do anything she wants.

This was too sudden for me. If a movie wants to make me hate a character right off the bat, that movie needs to make me hate the character, feel sorry for the character and then love the character in all equal parts. It’s not good if I hate the character ninety percent of the time and feel somewhat sorry or hopeful for her the other ten percent. Especially if it’s a movie about a young adult author!

If you’re looking for a “grown up” movie with a tiny smudge of information regarding young adult literature, this might be a fair pick. I would recommend going to see this film if you’re into mainstream, whiny dramas where you end up wanting to see more of the minor characters rather than the protagonist (who was actually the antagonist as well in this film), but if you’re wanting to see it because of the theme of young adult literature and the lives of the genre’s authors, it won’t be anything that you expect it to be, and it will definitely not be worth the time or the money you waste on it. Unless, maybe, you’re as drunk as the main character.

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