#1 Introduction

When you think of Young Adult literature, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Harry Potter? Cheesy romances about getting the perfect date to prom, or, god forbid, vampires? Do you think of anything at all? It’s all just for kids, right? No one out of high school should be reading things like Sarah Dessen or John Green, if those names even sound familiar at all. And while on the topic, those younger kids shouldn’t be reading it either. Middle school is clearly too young for reading books where the characters know what sex is. Any adult knows that. Oh, you didn’t know that they talk about sex in YA literature at all? Or other tough issues like addictions and mental illness? Hm…

Whatever your opinion or knowledge of this genre, I advise you to open up your mind and leave room for it to change. You may end up finding that these books are better than anything you’ve read before. This blog is here to tell you that books written for teenagers are not to be shoved aside. Often they’re more complex than many novels in the general fiction section of bookstores. I decided to blog about this topic because of my own love for young adult lit and the communities which have formed around the genre. What I hope to do is to cause just one person who comes across this blog to go explore the YA section of their local Barnes & Noble and give something they find a chance. To help that along, I will be posting my own book reviews, news about what’s going on in the YA world, and other fun and interesting things to encourage this bibliophilic evangelism. Hopefully, something will catch your eye and you’ll leave for the library right that second… Best case scenario, of course.

All I’m saying is give YA a chance.

Happy reading!

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4 Responses to #1 Introduction

  1. Krista Bonus says:

    I totally agree! (except I do like well written vampire books, LOL) I read a lot and am excited to see where you go with this. There are a lot of good writers out there that write in this genre as well as adult book genres, this is usually how I have gotten into the young adult books, by following the author’s work. I am not familiar with the books you have mentioned and will look into them. I also wanted to mention that the Hunger Games Trilogy is considered YA and they are among the best ever books I have read and I don’t qualify as young adult any more :(

  2. dougie says:

    I was planning on making a blog post about The Hunger Games in March, the week that the movie comes out. It was definitely one of my favorite books of the year. I just wish that I knew where my copy of Catching Fire went to. I lent out the series to so many friends and now I’ve only got Mockingjay in my own possession. I really hope that the movie does the book justice. It looks promising.

  3. frogeluva says:

    I am looking forward to seeing what kinds of books you recommend. I am always looking for something good to read and I feel like most book that are geared toward women my age are romance (ie slutty) novels or murder/mystery/suspense themed. Neither of which can hold my interest past the first few pages.

  4. I often go to the YA section in Barnes & Noble just to browse and see what’s out and I get kind of embarassed. I know that I shouldn’t. I enjoy a lot of the stories and have found that a lot of them are just as mature as adult lit.

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